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Banquet – 2014 edition

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Following the success of the first edition of the Friends of the CAPC’s Banquet (September 2013), the benefits of the dinner enabled the association to purchase 2 artworks for the CAPC’s collection.

Over 300 entrepreneurs took part in this first event, among which vineyard owners and amateurs of culture.

A second edition of the event was organised in 2014. This event took place on Friday, October 10th at 8 pm in the great nave of the CAPC, with the support of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, the Champagnes Barons de Rothschild,  Abatilles and Château de Laubade.
The artists invited for this second edition were the chefs of the Restaurant Miles., winners of the Fooding Prize
With the help of Lacoste Traiteur

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Banquet – 2013 edition


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A first edition of the Banquet took place on Friday 27th September 2013 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the museum, with the help of the artists Fabien Vallos and Jérémie Gaulin. For an evening, 350 people – among which many artists, art critics, curators and collectors that contributed to the museum’s History – were brought together to share a unique moment of conviviality around a real Banquet à la française imagined by the artists.
Entitled “Celebration”, this Banquet gave way to a festive atmosphere, discussions and encounters. We received the support of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, who was also celebrating its fortieth anniversary and generously offered all the wine.  
The price of the meal is 300 euros per person and is paid as a donation, entitling you to a fiscal deduction of 60% for companies (therefore a real cost of 120 euros) and 66% for individuals (therefore a real cost of 102 euros). Each paying meal allowed us to invite an artist, an art critic or an artistic personality that was important to the CAPC’s history.

This donation allows the entrepreneurs of Bordeaux to contribute to the influence of their city and region, by enriching the CAPC’s artwork collection and offering to the guests a networking venue.

Dress code : black tie and cocktail dress

Download the invitation to the Banquet
Download the response-card to the Banquet

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us 

The Friends of the CAPC thank the following people for their generous support: 
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2014 // Visit backstage of the TnBA and meeting with the actors of Cyrano de Bergerac, after the show


Texts Edmond Rostand
Adaptation and direction Dominique Pitoiset

Last year, Dominique Pitoiset signed the foreword of the brochure with a loud “No, thank you!” taken from Cyrano who he had, he says, met. The lines showed all the admiration he had for the work of Edmond Rostand. It will therefore not come as a surprise that he directed the masterpiece. To personify the poet with a long nose, Dominique Pitoiset calls upon the formidable Philippe Torreton.

Evening in collaboration with the TnBA
Tour of the TnBA followed by a cocktail and a meeting with the actors after the show 

2012 // Dinner at Nanashi for the inauguration of the Markus Schinwald exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo


On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Overture at the Palais de Tokyo, that prefigured the Mechanical Theatre thought up by Markus Schinwald for the nave of the CAPC
Food: Kaorie, Nanashi
Contorsionists: Sandrine, Séverine, Caroline
Music: DJ Clara 3000


2011 // Meeting with the artist Philippe Decrauzat


The Friends of the CAPC were able to have lunch with Philippe Decrauzat on his trip to Bordeaux to finalise the purchase of the work Mirrors that became part of the CAPC’s collection following its donation.

2010 // Promesses du Comptoir


2010 // Charity Brunch, with Jim Shaw


In order to continue raising funds to support the cultural and educational activities of the CAPC contemporary art museum of Bordeaux, the FRIENDS OF THE CAPC invited their Friends to come to the Charity Brunch that they organised in the museum’s atrium.
> private tour of the exhibition devoted to the American artist Jim Shaw. Tour carried out by Jim Shaw and Charlotte Laubard, director of the CAPC and exhibition curator
> Charity Brunch, with Jim Shaw and Charlotte Laubard, accompanied by wine tasting of grands crus generously given by the members of the association: 
Château Camensac 2003
Château Cantelys 2006 blanc
Château Chasse Spleen 2002
Château Haut Bailly 1999
Château Lynch Bages 2001
Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2003
Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2007 blanc
Domaine de Chevalier 2002



2013 // Support to the cycle of conferences thought up by François Cusset

Thinking… To see
What the critic tells us today


François Cusset invites 8 major intellectuals to speak at the CAPC. Eight conference-events, to experiment directly with the power of evocation, elucidation and revelation linked to contemporary critical thought. Eight thinkers, to sse the world differently whilst renewing with the etymology of the word “theory”, the theorein, that was used by the Greeks to qualify the aptitude et see what is to come, what is new. Eight voices to rethink utopia, emotion, resemblance, sex, debt, the body, the brain and politics in a new light.
Professor at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre, former director of the Bureau du Livre Français at New York, radio and newspaper columnist, François Cusset is the author of several essays of reference, such as French Theory and The Decade (La Découverte, 2003 and 2006). As well as a first novel, published in the Autumn of 2012 with P.O.L. editions: A l’abri du déclin du monde.
28.02.2013 – 18:00
21.03.2013 – 19:00
Memory and utopia at the turn of the 21st century
17.04.2013 – 19:00
Family resemblance : a philosophical and aesthetic secession
22.05.2013 – 19:00
Emotional brain and plasticity
5.06.2013 – 19:00
Seeing the genre / seeing the sex
16.10.2013 – 19:00
The economy of infinite debt
20.11.2013 – 19:00
Vulnerability and resistance: towards a new political body
4.12.2013 – 19:00
Our world, our time?

2011 // Support to the cycle of conferences on the Traffic exhibition


Proposed by Nicolas Bourriaud, the exhibition Traffic was shown at the CAPC from January to March 1996. At a time when “relational aesthetics” was finding its theoretical reasoning, the exhibition became a live expression of it.

Fifteen years later, the CAPC looks back on this event and proposed to build an archive a posteriori of the event, retracing the History of the exhibition through speech. All throughout the year different personnalities will be invited to speak about what they have seen and done in Traffic

2009 // Support to the cultural program “Les Promesses de l’Ecran”


La Promesse de l’écran is a retractable screening device proposed by Pierre Leguillon since 2007. The events are devoted to peripheral aspects of cinema: credits, poster, recurring motif, etc., or propose to look at the screen through another medium: poetry, painting, drawing…

2004 // Organisation of the Entrepôts Electro

The “Entrepôts Electro” created a musical event in Bordeaux on 18 and 19 June 2004, from 10pm to 2am.

In the Warehouse of the CAPC contemporary art museum, GRAND BUFFET, KID KOALA, JEANS TEAM, DMX KREW performed for two evening of exceptional concerts. A new concept that combines in this major venue, contemporary art and performances of DJs and video artists, organised by the Laboratoire of the Friends of the CAPC.