Talk with Phyllis Lambert


Friday 13 March 2009, 6:30 pm


Citizen Lambert : Jeanne d’Architecture

Conversation with
Phyllis Lambert architect, founder of the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal
Teri Wehn-Damisch producer, director and script, Paris

A unique incursion in the world of Phyllis Lambert, an important personality on the world of architecture. Phyllis Lambert is recognised by the international community for her contribution to the promotion of contemporary architecture and for her defence of social aspects of conservation of urban heritage as well as the public dimension of architecture. As an urban activist, philanthropist and founder of the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal, Phyllis Lambert has created a collection of architecture unique in the world. Citizen Lambert: Jeanne d’Architecture, directed by Teri Wehn Damisch, looks at Phyllis Lambert’s creations: her collaboration with Mies van der Rohe for the Seagram Building in New York in the fifties; her photographic missions, starting from the seventies, for a reconnaissance of historical monuments; the urban guerrillas that she carried out for the construction projects of the Milton-Parc district, amongst others; the creation of Heritage Montreal; and the constitution of a collection that would lead to her founding the CCA as a museum and a research centre.

Event organised at the initiative of the Friends of the CAPC,
with the support of the CAPC contemporary art museum and arc en rêve  centre d’architecture
as part of the cycle “zoom on architecture, arc en rêve is cinema!”



2013 // Support to the cycle of conferences thought up by François Cusset

Thinking… To see
What the critic tells us today


François Cusset invites 8 major intellectuals to speak at the CAPC. Eight conference-events, to experiment directly with the power of evocation, elucidation and revelation linked to contemporary critical thought. Eight thinkers, to sse the world differently whilst renewing with the etymology of the word “theory”, the theorein, that was used by the Greeks to qualify the aptitude et see what is to come, what is new. Eight voices to rethink utopia, emotion, resemblance, sex, debt, the body, the brain and politics in a new light.
Professor at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre, former director of the Bureau du Livre Français at New York, radio and newspaper columnist, François Cusset is the author of several essays of reference, such as French Theory and The Decade (La Découverte, 2003 and 2006). As well as a first novel, published in the Autumn of 2012 with P.O.L. editions: A l’abri du déclin du monde.
28.02.2013 – 18:00
21.03.2013 – 19:00
Memory and utopia at the turn of the 21st century
17.04.2013 – 19:00
Family resemblance : a philosophical and aesthetic secession
22.05.2013 – 19:00
Emotional brain and plasticity
5.06.2013 – 19:00
Seeing the genre / seeing the sex
16.10.2013 – 19:00
The economy of infinite debt
20.11.2013 – 19:00
Vulnerability and resistance: towards a new political body
4.12.2013 – 19:00
Our world, our time?

2011 // Support to the cycle of conferences on the Traffic exhibition


Proposed by Nicolas Bourriaud, the exhibition Traffic was shown at the CAPC from January to March 1996. At a time when “relational aesthetics” was finding its theoretical reasoning, the exhibition became a live expression of it.

Fifteen years later, the CAPC looks back on this event and proposed to build an archive a posteriori of the event, retracing the History of the exhibition through speech. All throughout the year different personnalities will be invited to speak about what they have seen and done in Traffic

2009 // Support to the cultural program “Les Promesses de l’Ecran”


La Promesse de l’écran is a retractable screening device proposed by Pierre Leguillon since 2007. The events are devoted to peripheral aspects of cinema: credits, poster, recurring motif, etc., or propose to look at the screen through another medium: poetry, painting, drawing…

2004 // Organisation of the Entrepôts Electro

The “Entrepôts Electro” created a musical event in Bordeaux on 18 and 19 June 2004, from 10pm to 2am.

In the Warehouse of the CAPC contemporary art museum, GRAND BUFFET, KID KOALA, JEANS TEAM, DMX KREW performed for two evening of exceptional concerts. A new concept that combines in this major venue, contemporary art and performances of DJs and video artists, organised by the Laboratoire of the Friends of the CAPC.

Meeting with Antoine de Galbert and the Friends of the Maison Rouge


Thursday 28 June 2012 – 7 pm –  CAPC auditorium

With a degree in political sciences, Antoine de Galbert (born in 1955) worked in business management, before opening, for a dozen years, a contemporary art gallery in Grenoble. In parallel, he starts an art collection that becomes more and more important for him. In 2000, he chooses to open a Foundation to give a permanent and public dimension to his commitment to contemporary creation.

The maison rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert

Created by a private person, Antoine de Galbert, an art amateur committed to the French art scene, the maison rouge is a foundation recognised of public use.

Its goal is to promote the different forms of contemporary creation through the presentation of temporary exhibitions. Putting at the disposal of artists more than 1000 m2 of exhibition space, the maison rouge invites independent curators to explore the diversity of current artistic research, often via large private international collections. The foundation wishes, thanks to the art experiences that it provokes and proposes, to give priority to the multiplicity of practices and approaches.

les amis de la maison rouge accompany Antoine de Galbert’s project and bring him their support. They participate in the thought process and debates on private collections, proposing activities on exhibitions and participating in the influence of the maison rouge on the public in France and abroad.

Conference by Giuliana Setari Carusi

Invitation of the Friends of the CAPC…

Conference by Giuliana Setari-Carusi

7 p.m. – CAPC auditorium


For the last ten years, the Friends of the CAPC association has accompanied the contemporary art musuem throughout its actions and initiatives. With this series of conferences devoted to art collectors with a truly civic action, the Friends of the CAPC propose encounters with atypical people, whose commitment to the arts goes well beyond their collection.


With a degree from the Collège d’Europe in Bruges and a Masters in High European Studies, Giuliana Setari Carusi has been building with her husband Tommaso over the last thirty years an important art collection known worldwide. In 2001, she founded the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, registered in New York as a non-profit organisation, promoting the knowledge of European art through private sponsored actions.

With her foundation and her Residencies Program for artists and curators at the Centre International des Récollets in Paris, as well as with the Omi International Arts Center in New York, she has been encouraging mobility for up-and-coming artists. She also created the Dena Foundation Art Award, that rewards young artists with artworks in public space. Recently, the exhibition Beyond the Dust – Artists’ Documents Today brought 12 French, Italian and Dutch artists together, in three prestigious venues : Middelburg, Milan and Paris.

Giuliana Setari is president of Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto since 1998, year of its creation, and a member of many associations of benefactors supporting cultural institutions. She is also an editorial consultant for the magazine Janus.

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